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“As someone who has always trained alone, and considered myself to be disciplined and effective with my methods I didn’t think a trainer was something I needed. I began training with Graham almost 4 years ago now with the intention of trying it for perhaps 6 weeks and to hopefully pick up a few ideas to utilise in my own time. Obviously the 6 week plan didn’t turn out quite like that. From the very beginning it became clear to me the benefits of a trainer that I had never envisaged.

Whilst the sessions we were wide and varied, the results were quick to see and the motivation to continue was strong. As time passed, the sessions became more intense but the hunger to train grew harder. What I have learnt the most is that a healthy life does not come just from an hour in the gym a couple of times a week. Graham has changed the way I think about what I do for the other 23 hours a day. To think about diet, something someone who was naturally quite fit and ate as I pleased was something I previously gave little consideration to. Graham’s methods are constantly evolving as he embraces new methods such as DNA fit and his investment in the studio is a benefit for us all.

In summary, I could not recommend higher, training with Graham at iFitness. The methods are effective, I find them fun (in a strange way perhaps) and having worked together for so long find myself a bit lost nowadays when I enter the gym on my own. I am the perfect example of someone who didnt see the need for a trainer, but am the biggest convert to the benefits.”

“I started working with Gray early in 2014 following back surgery in the summer of 2013. I had lost a lot of fitness since I injured my back 18 months earlier and wasn’t really improving much post operation. I had also gained a lot of weight. Things had to change!

Before I signed up with Gray we talked about my objectives and targets which I summarised as ‘Fit by 50’ …. get my fitness back and lose some weight before my Big Birthday in July.

Gray took time to understand my personal targets, my fitness/health status and even consulted with my physiotherapist i’d been working regarding the best course of action to take taking into account my back injury.

My weekly sessions with Gray became very important and a real focus for me. There’s nothing like being weighed and measured once a week to concentrate the mind.

The exercise programmes formulated by Gray were always challenging but also varied, carefully planned and organised. The ‘1-2-1’ attention is fantastic not just in relation to the gym work at the studio but also in relation to making changes in diet and exercise outside of the gym. In short 100% professional and very motivating.

As far as being Fit by 50 is concerned I can say that all the boxes have been ticked and targets met – I am very much fitter and definitely leaner having lost 3 stone. New targets are now in play and i’m looking forward to continued success with 1-2-1 on my team”

Simon Martyn, Tarporley
September 2014

“If you’re serious about getting fit and losing weight, then Graham is your man.  I have trained harder than I ever thought possible or even capable of in our weekly sessions and seen real results.  I don’t think I have had a single session that has been same and with his trademark greeting of “it’s going to be a tough one today”, you know your time at the gym is going to be well spent.   I would recommend Graham to anyone, in terms of quality and value for money”

Dale Emmerson

“I have always hated going to the gym, I found it monotonous and boring.  But since appointing Graham as my trainer I actually look forward to working out.  Every work out is different, challenging and exhausting, but they all come with a generous helping of encouragement”

Trish Murray

“I asked Graham to help me train for an Ironman Triathlon competition, he researched my needs and developed a program that has been challenging, rewarding and has delivered fantastic results in my fitness levels. His knowledge of fitness and nutrition has helped me tremendously. Graham closely monitors form and posture to help prevent unnecessary injury. Much of his time spent outside of the gym is dedicated to researching a nutrition and fitness plan that best suits you. I never realised how tasty a strawberry protein shake with a teaspoon of Omega 3, 6, and 9 fish oils could be!!  I particularly enjoy the one-on-one fit box sessions. I would recommend Graham to anyone interested in a healthier and fit lifestyle from the beginner to the advanced.So if you are fortunate enough to be able to work with Graham, then I would snatch up the opportunity while it lasts!”

Simon Prescott (1st testimonial)

“I’ve joined a few different gyms and tried a number of personal trainers over the years, each time with no great success.  My intentions have always been good but I have always found it difficult to keep motivated and when I felt that I wasn’t achieving the results I wanted I would give up completely and go back to my old ways.I have always wanted to reduce my body fat while adding muscle and toning my upper body.  After consulting with Graham, he was able to plan some routines that I could follow on my own.  However, more importantly, when we meet for a PT session, he always ensures that my muscles stay responsive and shocked into continuous development by doing a variety of new and different exercises.I thoroughly enjoy my one-to-one sessions with Graham and they have really made some dramatic changes to my physique.  Although I’ve got a long way to go before I achieve what I really want, I am confident that training with Graham will get me there.Since training with Graham I have kept motivated and now enjoy going to the gym on a regular basis.  I now feel confident training in the gym at a peak time.My diet has also improved massively, following guidance from Graham.  He has given me nutritional advice and made me aware of suitable sources of protein and how much I need to eat.I would have no problem or hesitation recommending Graham to anyone and intend working with him for the foreseeable future”

Ian C, Tarporley

“I’m a 63 year old lady who has had Graham as my personal trainer for the past two years and he has transformed my physique from being a size 10 to a size 8 as well as reducing my weight from 60kg to 53kg.

Whilst these are the statistics this only forms part of what Graham has given me during the personal training sessions. When I felt de-motivated he motivated me, when I felt lazy he encouraged me, when I felt under the weather he modified my routine accordingly and when I wanted to give up he wouldn’t let me.

These are just some of the benefits that he has provided as well as being an honest and open person who is approachable to ideas and prepared to go out of his way to help”

N. Allan

“Gray has been my Personal Trainer for 12 months now and the difference he has made to my body shape, fitness levels, weight and overall feel-good factor is amazing.

I am in m early 50′s and have always undertaken a medium-high level of aerobic-type activity. I continue to be a member of a local club/gym and have previously engaged the services of various personal trainers. However, none of this previous activity has every come close to giving me the body shape I have achieved since working with Gray and that I am so pleased with.

The reason Gray is such a good personal trainer is that he is totally client focused. Having initially ascertained my current activity levels, fitness, weight, aspirations etc., he set to work making my workouts interesting, varied, challenging and fun and I started to see results within a few weeks. His dietary advice is consistent, scientific and doable.

The weights have continued to increase over the months and I am very proud of what I can achieve. Everything I had previously believed about heavy weights making females bulky is so untrue. My body shape is now defined and lean. Without being conceited, I regularly receive compliments from people I don’t know about the tone/shape of my arms, and for all women mid 40′s onwards, we know that bingo wings are one of our biggest problems!

Even 12 months down the line, I still walk into Gray’s gym every session with an air of expectation/excitement/trepidation as I know he will continue to throw something new in, mix up anything I have become even slightly complacent at and is continually challenging me. He is a great motivator, cares about his clients and gets results.

I cannot recommend him highly enough”

Dawn Joyce
September 2014

“Graham is a superb personal trainer and is a very important part of my total approach to beauty and wellbeing. I feel fitter now than I did in my 20’s thanks to him!”

Angela Bartlett, 50

“Many thanks for the PT sessions. I was reflecting last night that I had been in and out of gyms for the past 14 years. I can without question say that having my weekly PT session with you over the past 21 months has given me a better body shape and I feel a lot healthier. In part this is down to the diet that you have set for me”

Once again Gray many thanks.

Adrian Crank

“I have worked with Graham as a 1-2-1 personal trainer for almost 4 years. His enthusiasm is infectious and his training technique inspires much confidence. I look forward to each session as it is usually different to the last and structured to achieve my specific goals. He is very approachable and encouraging without being overbearing. I would definitely recommend him as a very knowledgeable and experienced personal trainer and nutritional adviser”

Simon Prescott (2nd Testimonial)
42 years old

“I have been training with Graham for a number of years as he understands the difficulties of incorporating exercise and a healthy lifestyle around a full-time job and 2 young children! Graham works with me to set realistic and achievable goals and make my 1-2-1 training sessions enjoyable by constantly changing and evolving my training programmes in his fully equipped gym”

Tanya C.

“I’ve been training at 121 Fitness since June 2014. Gray is professional, personable and takes a genuine interest in my exercise, nutrition and health. The gym itself is private and always clean and tidy. There are nice touches like a bottle of water on arrival, face cloths for when you’re glowing and you choose the music you want to work out to. Gray has always planned my sessions in advance and constantly pushes me to achieve more in an encouraging way. As Gray records my weight, measurements and the details of my sessions we can look back and see my progress.”